Saturday, 10 June 2017

How to Keep Children Safe Online

Children are getting use to touch-screen technology at younger age and they love to spend
hours playing online games. They are curious enough to navigate different websites and this is
where they are quite prone to the dark side of the online world.
They can easily be waylaid into witnessing ‘raunchy pictures’ or reading ‘unquestionable
content’ etc. Bad things are inculcated easily and they can easily go astray. Hence, your responsibility as a parent becomes
even more where I have compiled the following post in order to help you know how to keep children safe online.

Parents need to participate in online world
As parents actively monitor the activities of their children in the real world especially with regards to where, how and what
they are playing with. Similarly, the big online world needs their special focus as well. The virtual world is actually bigger
than we think and children as per their growing age may tend to conceal facts and hide certain sites from you in the event if
you aren’t careful from beginning.
Yes, that many be scary for parents, but not any more though with the presence of TeenShield. Yes, it is a monitoring
software which effectively keeps record of every single activity of your child. The feature which I liked a lot is its “live
control panel” which lets you view the actions of his activities in your online control panel.

Implement rules

Strategize the amount of time; you want your children to refer online. Children are known for their naughtiness, so you need
to be patient enough towards telling them “Do’s and Don’ts”. Yes, you need to tell them the following things:-
The recommended sites to go for
Specific time of their playing games
Penalty if they happen to break the rules
Place the computer centrally
If your computer is placed at a place which is frequented by you and is centrally located, then you can “anytime” and
“everytime” keep a close watch on the activities easily.
Habituate them to ensure their privacy
Their naughtiness nature may not help them realize the disadvantages of sharing their personal details online, but you have
to address the following basic and obvious concern to them:-
Strictly warn them not to open emails from unknown senders
Not sharing contact number, email address, postal address, password, school name etc
Not to start talking to the strangers, no matter how sweetly they talk

Instruct your child to report anything “objectionable”

You love your child and so he does too. Hence, create a bond of understanding by instructing him to report you on
witnessing any objectionable matter and assure him that you won’t be blaming him too.

Final thoughts

This post is on how to keep children safe online. Yes, they are actually based on the experiences which I have gained over
time and are equally going to create moments of ease for you too. Let this post become a beginning for a hassle free times of
your life as well.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Charge Phone With Coin

watch this video tutorial

Saturday, 19 September 2015


Hello guys we are unable to send messages to any when when we are block by them on what's app and we can not see their what's app profile picture, status and last seen till they unblock us from their account.
So guyes today we are posting a new post in which we write all steps that how can we unblock our self on what's app when some one other block us on their what's app account.

Steps to unblock yourself on whatsapp :-

• First check and make sure that you are block by other.
• If you can not see the what's app profile picture, last seen and status of a person it means you are blocked by them
• First open what's app messanger in your device
• Now go to on what's app setting
• Choose my account option
• Make your account delete

(Remember on deleting account you wiill be lost your membership in all whatsapp groups)

• After deleting your account uninstall what's app from your device
• After some time make restart your device
• And again download/install what's app messanger from playstore
• Open what's app messanger make account again with mobile no. fill other details and verify your mobile no.

(You can restore your all old conversation messages)

• Now you are unblock on what's app from your friends what's app account


I was also face the same problem “Facebook Photo Tag Verification” and I do Google for “How to bypass FacebookPhoto Tag Verification in Facebook”, after get in the fake tricks and I realized that on internet resources there are huge on fake trick that really not working.
Now I after on 5 days I got genuine trick that help me to “Bypass Facebook Photo Tag Verification” and get back my Facebook account, and now we are sharing “Facebook Photo Tag Verification Bypassing Trick” on tech hack tweaks platform where we always finishes your searches

1st Method –

1. First of all download the Tunnel Bear VPN – Here2. Now Install Tunnel Bear, open and Register or Login on Tunnel Bear3. Now select your country “Japan” as Private location.4. Now save it and connect, Wait for Connecting to Japan.5. Connected!! Now Minimize it.6. Now Open Mozilla Browser Or Opera Mini Or Google Chrome (Any)7. Now open Facebook and Login to your Account, on which you have “Facebook Photo Tag Verification” issues.8. After login, it will not ask you about any Photo Tag Verification, It will just Asks For Date Of Birth (DOB) Or Phone number Verification.9. So, Enter Date of Birth or Phone Number and Verify your Facebook account using Verification Code.

2nd Method

Second method is simple but time consuming, to do so just login to your Facebook account and now enter the right captcha. Now It will ask you to identify your friends from pictures.
You will get there total 5 chances every time and you can also skip if you are not identifying your friend from picture. You can skip 2 times. 
Now take screenshots of all the pictures and save with 1, 2, and 3 and so on, if you skip 2 times and you have other 5 chances it will makes 7 chances of pictures. Now just repeat the process several times and similarly save screenshotswith specify number.
Now you just have to find 2 similar screenshots and compare them each other with taking a look at its tag also you will be get only 1 name common on both pictures and others 5 are different name. Now note down the common names and repeat the whole process again n again as mention above to find similar screenshots and comparing with all list ofanswers.
To find the all possible answer you have to try above mentioning processes at least 7-8 times. Now you have collected all possible answers, now try to bypass Facebook photo verification by submitting the right answer.

 !! ENJOY !!


Now a days Lots of people Face Photo Verification, Disabled Issued by Updating fake Info in profile So no worries about that I have a tweak Making a fake Id proof by using Fake Id Generator App and Cheat Mark Zuckerberg and Active your Fb Id Once Again. Just Follow Below Steps.


1) First Download Fake ID GeneraTor App.

2) After Download, Install it and Open The App.

3) Fill your name and DOB (Fill DOB and NAME Which You Provide In your FB Profile).

4) Choose CounTry and Upload Your Any Color Photo.

5) Finally Click On "Generate". Its Done Your Fake Id Proof Is Ready.

6) Now Remove Footer Fake identity Credits and Upload Your Proof in Your Locked Or Diseble Facebook Account.

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Subway Surfers v1.44.1[MOD] Apk Unlimited

Subway Surfers Greece v1.44.1 Mod Apk

Subway Surfers is the most Loved, Played & Downloaded game on Android. Subway Surfers World Tour to New York is here.
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What’s New in v1.44.1

  • Minor improvements and graphical adjustments
  • Features of the Mods
  • Removed all types of ads Completely
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  • Made APK size smaller than original apk

2 Versions are there

1. v1 MAX Score Hack- Which has 2147483647 High score,unlimited keys ,coins, score boosters ,mega headstart ,Unlocked all characters and boards

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Smart Ram Booster Pro v5.5 Cracked APK

Smart Ram Booster Pro v5.5 Cracked APK

Smart RAM Booster PRO can not be denied if the Android phone is able to facilitate us in everyday activities. However, it might be a little annoyed if Android phones that use performance is not optimal.
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  • Aggressive (stop the application that uses low priority memory)
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